Improve your IT's flexibility and ZeroTrust security

The growing number of connected devices and the needs for rapid evolution of computer or industrial networks are increasingly problematic to manage for your IT Services.

Whether it is during the build, run and securing the infrastructure, the mandatory constraints of computer networks impose an increasing complexity of your projects.

From this observation, we created IOPS100 solution, simple to integrate into an architecture, without risks or major modifications to the existing one, which allows us to no longer worry about the limitations of the network protocols used.


Principle: we divide the network into zones called areas with the first fully virtual IT security tool that simplifies the IT architecture.

It allows you to:

Manage network communications between incompatible IP address ranges (IP Overlapping or IPV4 / IPV6)

Securing each zone of the network independently of each other using the Zero-Trust method

Do not take care the physical structure of the machine during network communication

Easily integrate into the network in stages. No obligation to completely change your infrastructure

Fully manageable by REST API


  • Infrastructure's build simplified
  • IT's run more flexible
  • ZERO-Trust native security







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