Simplified and flexible build, run and security of your infrastructure

IOPS100 is a router and software firewall based on our patented innovation and integrated into a virtual component. It can be installed in a physical machine or a virtual environment and is easily positioned on the IT network.
You can therefore choose to add or replace zones of the existing network without impact by naming each component of the network in a human way without needing to know its IP address during transmission.

The IT network design becomes modular and each module is independent of the others. The modularity of the cloud throughout your physical infrastructure.

Security is managed as close as possible to each component of the network in Zero-Trust mode.

Physical network become

Using IOPS100 in your infrastructure allows you to design or build each new network project without worrying about the existing or other projects in progress.
Your projects gain in simplicity and flexibility, the industrialization of physical networks becomes possible. The limits of network protocols are no longer an obstacle in your architecture.

With IOPS100, the daily management or run of your IT environment is simplified. It allows you to standardize the administration for your IT teams. Automation is possible in DevOps mode.

Cybersecurity is optimized because it is managed as close as possible to the machines to be protected.

  • Agile builds IT's Architecture
  • Agile Run's administration
  • Infrastructure natively Zero-Trust secured

IOPS100 : to remember

  • Simply build
  • Flexible Run
  • Zero-Trust Security