Manage your customers infrastructure without impacting you and them

Taking on the management of a client’s network requires adapting it to the constraints of the outsourcing company’s infrastructure. Depending on the size and complexity of the client network, the implementation of workaround or human connection rules becomes necessary.

With IOPS100, we really separate, with an innovating technique and simple to implement, the different client networks, whether they are incompatible or not, and that of the outsourcing company. A client becomes an ephemeral entity called an area that does not need to change its network during integration by the outsourcing company. Security is ensured in each environment with Zero-Trust method.


Managing a client’s existing infrastructure is complex. The first important point is the computer network, it must be compatible with the network of the outsourcing company and with that of other managed clients. Standard rules and constraints generate long and costly migration, integration and reversibility projects. The complexity of Cybersecurity increases exponentially with the arrival and departure of each customer.

If each customer becomes a stand-alone area, adding and removing is almost instantaneous. The maintenance of each client is done in an agile manner and independently of the others. This gain in flexibility also makes it possible to maintain each area at its optimum level of security.

Why adopt IOPS100 in outsourcing? advantages?

IOPS100 is a simple solution to implement, which allows you to drastically reduce the acquisition and maintenance costs of your customers by eliminating the standard network's constraints.
  • Lightweight virtual solution

  • Integration simplified

  • Network manufacturers's and IP constrains agnostics

  • Confliting network connected seamlessly

  • Managed by API or XML file

  • Integrated Zero-Trust security

How to use IOPS100 :
use case

A potential customer want you to manage his park of 3000 servers. It already has several computer bays in a tier-4 datacenter. The servers are distributed over two remote sites. The client requests to have a third site with the outsourcer. The network ranges are in 172.16 / 16 and 172.17 / 16 (standard private range) depending on the machine rooms. A complete re-addressing of computer networks is problematic for him for several reasons.

With 2 IOPS100 per site, one for production and one for High-Availability, communications can be ensured between the customer’s different rooms and the IT network of the outsourcing company. No need NAT or Large Scale NAT, knowledge of each machine name and domain (FQDN) is sufficient, no need to know the IPs. Monitoring proxies are connected directly to the IOPS100. Finally, Zero-Trust security management is applied to each IOPS. Working time: less than a day for the network integration of the customer.

  • Overlapping IP between 2 customers
  • IPV4/IPV6 between 2 networks
  • Cybersecurity Zero-Trust
  • Multisite customer managment simplified
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Customer with extended network to the cloud
  • Add/Remove customer smoothly
  • Manage customer's projet in agile mode

Summary of the strengths of our solution for outsourcing company:

  • Zero-Trust security adapted to outsourcing
  • Independence of customer's IT
  • Managing without constraints each customer's project