Connect industrial and IT networks simply and securely

Each industrial production chains and sites must be connected to the company’s IT network. To maintain security and respond to the regular change request of the company, these different kind of networks require constant updates but at very different rates.

With IOPS100, you can really separate with an innovative method, simple to implement, your different kind of networks. Communication is fully maintain. Managment become local and autonomous to each area. Cybersecurity is enhance by Zero-Trust industrial security in the area.

Simply manage your

Cybersecurity for industrial companies requires much more flexibility than IT’s.
Industrial machines do not have the same life cycle, maintenance and obsolescence as IT infrastructures. It is not uncommon to see industrial hardware with obsolete operating systems because it has exceeded the life of its internal software.

In cybersecurity, the need for updating is at least weekly, therefore, if an obsolete machine is connected to the computer network, it becomes a potential attack vector. By separating the network into autonomous areas, we can easily separate these risky machines from the rest of the computer network while maintaining communication between these environments.
This gain in flexibility makes it possible to maintain each area at its optimal level of security.

Why adopt IOPS100 in industry?

By eliminates the standard network constraints, IOPS100 is simple to implement. It allows you to drastically reduce the cost of your network design and maintenance of your IT and industrial infrastructure. It enhance your cybersecurity.
  • Lightweight virtual or integrated software solution

  • Integration simplified

  • network manufacturers's and IP constrains agnostics

  • IT and industrial network autonomous with fully communication

  • Managed by API or XML file

  • Integrated Zero-Trust security

How to use IOPS100 :
use case

A company has several industrial buildings and a parent company. Each building has its own computer network and a separate industrial network. A request from the group is made so that everything is interconnected with the parent company to report data from industrial equipment and centralize IT administration.

Complete re-addressing of computer networks is necessary to standardize buildings, industrial components and IT.

With 1 IOPS100 per building and no hardware changes, communications can be ensured with Zero-Trust security management on each IOPS.

  • Separate your business services
  • Separate your production's chains and maintain communication
  • Cybersecurity Zero-Trust
  • Multisite managment simplified
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Extends simply your network to the cloud
  • Partner's networks communication industrialisation
  • Mergers-Acquisitions
  • IPV4/IPV6 between industrial and IT networks

Summary of the strengths of our solution for industries:

  • Zero-Trust security adapted to industry
  • Independence of IT and industrial networks
  • Simplified scalability of your production