Partitioning each operating room at the IT network level

In a hospital, certain rooms have special security: operating rooms. The electrical circuit has a configuration which limits impact in the event of a short circuit. But what about the computer network, if a virus is deployed in one of the operating rooms, the other risks of being infected quickly if a separation is not implemented.

With IOPS100, we really separate and with a new technique your operating rooms. An attack is therefore confined without the possibility of spreading to other environments. The rooms are also protected from external attack: this is the principle of Zero-Trust.

Cybersecurity :

Hospitals are often prime targets of attack by hackers. The principle is to block medical devices with viruses or ransomware, attack tools that encode your data and make it inaccessible without a paid code. To limit the impact of these attacks and separate each room that may be at risk, this requires complex equipment and heavy infrastructure maintenance on a daily basis.

If each room to be protected becomes an autonomous area with software protection independent of the existing hardware, this becomes simpler to manage, more flexible to manage ephemeral rooms and with optimal security optimized for each room.

Why adopt IOPS100 in hospital? advantages?

IOPS100 is a simple to implement solution, which allows you to secure any area of ​​the hospital quickly and efficiently.
  • Lightweight virtual solution

  • Existing integration simplified

  • network manufacturers's agnostics

  • Integrated Zero-Trust security

  • Adapted to medical component

  • Very low maintenance cost

How to use IOPS100 :
use case

A hospital has several existing operating theaters with several interconnected medical machines. This hospital has regular needs to create ephemeral resuscitation areas for special care needs.

Centralized security management is regularly re-organized to ensure the protection of these particular rooms.

With 1 IOPS100 per room, communications can be ensured and secure between the different rooms and the hospital’s computer network. The IOPS have a strictly identical configuration which allows an industrialization of their implementation. Finally, Zero-Trust security management is applied to each IOPS.
For ephemeral rooms, an IOPS model is prepared in advance. A virtual machine will be created from the model when the room is created and will be deleted when the room is dismantled. No risk, no centralized security management.

  • Industrialise ephemerals areas
  • Cybersecurity Zero-Trust
  • Multisite hospitals
  • Hospital Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Hybride or multiCloud network's hospital

Summary of the strengths of our solution for hospital:

  • Zero-Trust native network
  • Independence of separated and secure areas
  • Simplified scalability of your infrastructure