InfraOpS: Reinventing IT infrastructure management and security

Our team specializing in complex IT and industrial environments supports you in simplifying, flexibility and improving the security of your IT infrastructures. Whatever the size of your company’s network, the type of equipment connected, in one or more countries, we offer you a suitable and secure solution that meets your needs while simplifying your daily work.

Our fundamental values :

Nowadays all components have to communicate through a network. Rapid evolution and constant innovations impose an unsustainable pace of evolution for certain environments. InfraOpS gives you the possibility to manage these constant changes without impacting the existing one. You have the innovations without the constraints of integration.

Simplicity and Security
The simpler an infrastructure for its administrators, the better it will be managed and secure. InfraOpS allows you to keep control and develop your IT peacefully.
Infrastructure security is in the InfraOpS DNA. This is why we offer you recent solutions like the Zero-Trust, while simplifying its implementation. We are carefully studying all the solutions that would allow you to gain cybersecurity without impacting your users.

Ingenuity and Quality
From the start, InfraOpS imagines new simple and solid methods and technologies for your IT production. This allows you to focus on your business and no longer waste time on the basic needs of your infrastructure. All this without being limited in your possibilities.

A competent team

InfraOpS is first and foremost a multidisciplinary team specializing in outsourcing, security and IT production. We created InfraOpS to allow our customers to benefit from a product and support that reflects our values.
Infrastructure Architect

Jean-Claude Harry

Infrastructure Architect

From a Paris-Diderot technical school,
Jean-Claude was able to set up different infrastructures.
From his first experience, he developed software solutions to meet the expectations of his colleagues while managing the infrastructure.

A national entity contacted him for the creation of a hotline (fleet migration), having no product managing incidents under Windows, he designed an application in “plugins” mode for the entire structure.

During a jukebox migration within a bank, he acquires an island competence, which he will keep as a concept. Called for a national project, the solution will be based on the island model.

Innovation is its leitmotif

Architect IT Operations

Damien Vargas

Architect IT Operations

Coming from an engineering school in electronics, IT and a specialization in networks and telecommunications, Damien has always worked in IT production and operations.

The plurality of his skills has enabled him to manage infrastructures from the electrical circuit to the architecture of the software that composes them.

Very early attracted by Open-Source and the development of tools to industrialize and automate his daily tasks, he participated in the development, implementation and maintenance of high value-added production.

His skills, combined with that of Jean-Claude and Charles-Edouard, have made it possible to create a simple, dynamic and secure solution suitable for both Clouds and standard infrastructures.

Chief information security officer

Charles-Edouard OUKRAT

Chief information security officer

CISSP © certified, with a multidomain academic background: Computer science and engineering at ESIEA, Management and economy in Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Law and information security in Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas.

Charles-Edouard began his professional life in Paris in the risk control and management services of the banking sector. He trained in IT security with the RSI of the Banque de France. For the past 12 years, he has assisted RSSIs and business leaders in the implementation of SSI security projects and the implementation of security insurance plans.

He was able to make a strength of these multidisciplinary experiences to carry out projects for securing infrastructures and protecting sensitive data.

CEO Australia

Nicolas Foata

CEO Australia


Thank you to them for starting InfraOpS and their precious supports.